I'm an Android Developer.

I'm an UI/UX passionate.

I'm Bruno Kawka.

Let me introduce myself

I'm an Android Developer with an eye for design, who loves to broaden his knowledge and use it to create efficient and great looking products with attention to the clean, testable and easy to maintain code.

When I'm not coding you may find me designing some new UI/UX project, or just running down the street. None of the above? Well... if it's winter, you may spot me skiing down the mountain; if summer - check a tennis court. Still no results? I must be playing my favourite video game then.

Stuff I'm familiar with

Programming Languages

Kotlin • Java SE


Android SDK • Dagger2 • RxJava2 (basics) • Retrofit2 • Butterknife • JUnit4 • Mockito • Roboletric


MVP (Model-View-Presenter)


GIT • XML • OOP • SOLID • TDD • Clean Code • Material Components

Lanugages I Speak

Polish (Native) • English (Professional working proficiency)


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Kotlin • MVP • RxJava2 • Dagger2 • Retrofit

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Easy Documentation

Automatize the GitHub repository documentation process with this CLI! Made for Google Code-In ‘18


Python • Google Sheets API • Web Scrapping

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Sleep Cycle Alarm

This app helps managing your sleep habits, so you could wake up fully rested and rock your day! Sleep cycles matter.


Java • Butterknife • Realm • EventBus

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MifosPay UI/UX

App redesign for Mifos Initiative organization. After mentors acceptance, I've been taking a part in its implementation.


UI/UX • Adobe Xd • Material Design 2.0

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Visualization Of Sorting Algorithms

Visualize the most popular sorting algorithms. Change amount of columns, delay of sorting and see results!


C++ • QT

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Choose the best font for your next project! Fontly shows all available local fonts in the fully customizable list. Change size, background, text and color!


C++ • QT

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I'm online here and there